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FC 465 Foward Steer

I have had an FC 465 since 2015 and couldn’t be happier. We wanted a boat that could fish our small family, or my mates and me. It has delivered in every which way. I have used its stable platform for game fishing, bottom fishing, trout fishing, soft baiting as well as towing a ski biscuit. They say FC boats are made for fishermen by fishermen. This is no lie; every inch of the boat offers you something from the easy layout of the controls and seating arrangement through to the transom. The rod holders on the sides are handy when towing on a long trip. Keeping those valuable rods and reels safe. From when I first set my eyes upon an FC boat I thought, I want one of those and it’s been the best decision. – Juan Gregan – FC 465

190.4KG Striped Marlin Caught on an FC 465