Quality Built Aluminium Fishing Boats, Built in New Zealand

by Fishermen for Fishermen.

With the styles we fish a centre console is the perfect option, when lure fishing being able to stand on the forward platform and cast away without any hinderance is a great feature it adds a game changing element to targeting fish with lures, not only for casting but chasing down fish which we recently did on our first marlin, sit up the front and chase the fish down rather than backing up into the swell, you get the benefit of a full walk around with the stability to boot with the extended chines and widened gunnels, in my opinion it’s the perfect boat

Michael Walkley
Michael Walkley Joker

I am very happy with the boat – easy to tow, launch, retrieve and handle Even my wife can winch it on the trailer in adverse conditions – It is a pleasure to own at our stage of life

Graham & Sara Tietjen
Graham & Sara Tietjen

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FC Boats dealers are Fish City Hamilton, Sea Marine Whakatane, Fish City Albany and Stihl Shop Richmond. They’re a friendly bunch, so give them a call or visit a store near you.

Instagram post 17881820002842756 What’s a better feeling than helping a kid catch a big fish?! Bring on the long weekend! 🐟
Instagram post 18128142304140143 The FC 430ss - easy to beach launch, and looks good doing it 👍 bring on summer for more of this!!

Thanks for the shot Neil!