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FC Boats offers quality aluminium fishing boat packages that have provided thousands of enthused fishermen and families with their ideal NZ fishing boat.


The FC 700HT is the 4th boat I have owned and is by far the best. The team at FC allowed me to make changes as it was being built, they were accommodating to my ideas throughout and the process was smooth and streamlined. I would recommend anyone looking to build or buy a boat, to visit this fantastic boat supplier first.  I love how the boat handles in all weather conditions across the East and West Coasts. It is by far the safest boat I have travelled in across the Raglan bar. The boat has been designed for multipurpose use including diving, fishing, skiing and overnighting, and works well for all these uses. I love my FC boat. – Richard Harris – FC 700HT

Limited Edition FC 700HT Sealegs