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To all those serious buyers who are making that hard decision between 2 or 3 different boat makers. I was in the same position in late 2015 and after careful discussions with my brother chose FC and I’m so glad I did. I purchased the FC620HT and I remember the 1st outing, I had smile from ear to ear but it got better, I started to feel how safe, solid and roomy the boat actually was, I’m on the large side as is my bother and there is seriously a lot of room, the boat just felt meaty and solid and still to this day I have that feeling every time I use it. When I say use it that we have, west coast is my playground and the FC is built for it, I have crossed the Raglan and Manukau bars with breaking waves on the way out and slice straight through them with little effort, very impressed. Have done multiple shelf missions, staying overnight and the cabin space is big and comfortable to add to the list. Rides awesome in the water all round, trolling which I have done a lot of now with marlin under the belt to, we average 7.5 to 9 litres per/hr at 7.5 knots, to me the boat feels like its part of the water and differently has the right vibration in the water because the fish just keep coming. It has simply surprised me massively, it just keeps getting better and that was something I was not expecting. I highly recommend the FC brand and choose my model to suit the style of fishing I was interested in doing. The team are a bunch of good guys and Ross allowed me to call past and see my boat being built a few times which was just amazing so thank you Ross and team for the amazing service and the amazing boat that keeps getting better. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FC BOATS – Greg Mathews – FC 620HT