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Why joker? – With the styles we fish, a centre console is the perfect option! When lure fishing, being able to stand on the forward platform and cast away without any hinderance is a great feature. It adds a game changing element to targeting fish with lures, not only for casting but chasing down fish, which we recently did on our first marlin – sitting up the front and chasing the fish down rather than backing up into the swell. You get the benefit of a full walk around with the stability to boot, with the extended chines and widened gunnels. In my opinion, it’s the perfect boat! – Michael Walkley – FC 560cc

Our experience owning an FC 500 soon had us looking at a slightly bigger boat to accommodate the Family needs; the four F’s, Fishing, Food, Family & Fun. The FC 560cc ticked all the boxes and the way we set our boat up, it easily transitions between boating and fishing duties. Four of us (two brothers & two wives) headed off to catch some fish in the early morning, the boat bristling with fishing rods and loaded with salt ice, bait and berley. 21 Snapper later we went off to Parua Bay wharf to collect friends, the rods were all horizontal on the Bimini top and all the fishing “wet-ware”, was out of sight in the 130 litre Icey-Tec seat. Other fishing essentials; net, fishing tools etc were also stowed out of sight in the ample storage areas. Having made the successful transition from fishing to boating we collected our friends, one of whom had been sceptical of our choice of a Centre Console. In boating mode, we made our way across the harbour with two of the ladies enjoying the “princess seat” (70 litre Icey-Tec) in front of the console, 3 of us sharing the ample seating supplied by the 130 ltr bin while the sceptical one wandered around the spacious cockpit chatting and looking. Arrived at Marsden Cove, all passengers alighted and enjoyed coffee and muffins while the FC560 sat quietly, out of the way, anchored with the Minn- Kota. Arrived back at Parua Bay wharf to offload friends and hand over some of the nicely chilled snapper, as you do. The farewells were made with the FC 560 on the trailer but just before we headed our separate ways, the sceptical one’s last act was to measure the boat and trailer to see if he could fit one in his garage. Another win for a great design. Mark and Marjorie Furey – FC 560cc

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