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The FC 700HT is the 4th boat I have owned and is by far the best. The team at FC allowed me to make changes as it was being built, they were accommodating to my ideas throughout and the process was smooth and streamlined. I would recommend anyone looking to build or buy a boat, to visit this fantastic boat supplier first.  I love how the boat handles in all weather conditions across the East and West Coasts. It is by far the safest boat I have travelled in across the Raglan bar. The boat has been designed for multipurpose use including diving, fishing, skiing and overnighting, and works well for all these uses. I love my FC boat. – Richard Harris – FC 700HT

I have owned my FC 535cc centre console for around 6 months now and are extremely happy with it. I have now done around 70 hours on the engine so have been busy out there doing it. I can’t believe how practical the centre console has been. I have found that extra room of the centre console has been a big bonus. We have a family of four and it will easily fish all four of us with ease. I have had the odd occasion where I have had to fight the fish around the boat and this has been a breeze with the centre console. I have been though some rough conditions and bar crossings etc and found the boat to be a very stable platform… I looked at a lot of boats and took about a year to finally decide on the boat that would suit my needs and honestly after six months of use I couldn’t be happier. – Darren Kirkland – FC 535cc