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FC 430 Tiller

It is coming up six years since my mate Gareth and I purchased our FC 430 Tiller Steer. The FC Boat range had only been released a year or so earlier and it took a bit of convincing from Gareth to splash out on a new boat package. In fact, we even had a few good mates telling us we would be better off spending our money on a second-hand boat that had a cabin and a steering wheel. Thankfully though we continued through with our purchase with the good help from Fish City Hamilton. Growing up in Thames I had fished the firth of Thames and Coromandel a lot so those first few years a lot of our efforts were concentrated on the Coromandel. Since then we have fished from Parengarenga Harbour in the north to Lake Otamangakau in the central north island and plenty of places in between. The Min Kota riptide electric motor installed last summer has added to the fish catching ability of the Full Mongrel. From sneaking through the shallows chasing cruising trout to spot locking on kingfish schools on Coromandel’s east coast it has been worth every cent. The FC 430 is easy enough for one person to launch and fish from through to being able to accommodate two to three anglers comfortably. The FC 430 is one versatile, tough little hombre and we wouldn’t swap it for anything, well maybe only another FC Boat!! – Karl & Gareth – FC 430T

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