FC Boats was founded in 2011 when Ross Christensen realised there was an opportunity to vastly improve smaller-sized aluminium boats in New Zealand. After using, selling and servicing trailer boats for over 20 years he could see a real need for aluminium boat packages that were practical, good quality and cost-effective, so with an engineering background and passion for fishing, diving and boat racing Ross aspired to set a new benchmark.

Ross’ journey started by understanding all the attributes needed to make the best, most practicable small aluminium boat for New Zealand fishermen with ride, stability, dryness, usable space, storage and strength. He then worked on finding the best solutions to these challenges for the ultimate all-round boat and teamed up with a reputable aluminium boat designer. Together with their concepts and design expertise, they built the first FC Boats prototype. This was immediately fitted out and tested in various conditions and it was proven to exceed all their expectations as a boat built for fishermen.

Since 2015 the factory has expanded with the demand for these award winning aluminium boats, which are now designed and made in Hamilton.  Ross’ son, Max Christensen, joined the family business after completing a trade certificate in general engineering and bought with him his experience and passion for game fishing, along with his desire for functional quality aluminium fishing boats. He has grown the team along with a new purpose-built finishing and rigging bay which has allowed the core factory to expand to meet the increase in demand and consistent quality on the hull and structure work.

Modern computer programs have aided FC Boats growth, attention to detail and designs allowing FC Boats to cut to within .1mm with their Italian produced high tensile marine grade alloy (5082), a darker shade than the shinier (5052) which is often used in other alloy boats from New Zealand. This gives them consistent build and hull performance along with a great profile boat view in the boat building process. Not only are the boats well thought out for maximum fishing room, but visual profile is also important for the overall look and design of the boat.

This family business, alongside a great team, are constantly trying to improve both design and quality of the FC Boats’ range by keeping in touch with the FC Boats’ family of owners for feedback and by being active fishermen themselves. Today, FC Boats are recognised as extremely safe and stable boats for family recreation, fishing and diving which offers over 16 different boat packages to suit the owner’s individual needs.  FC Boats have provided hundreds of enthused Kiwi fishermen with their ideal extreme all-rounder boat built for maximum fishing room using award winning aluminium designs.

Ross Christensen

Ross Christensen

FC Boats Founder & Managing Director
Max Christensen

Max Christensen

General Manager
Josh Horan

Josh Horan

Operations Supervisor

Kerry Maloney

Financial Controller

Jacinta Stevenson

Marketing Manager